Sunday, October 9, 2011

This blog is up for interpretation

Today I got up and went to Journeys. I then went to lunch and then went to a class on making reed lamps and setting torches on fire so that you could throw them with attle-lattles or however they are spelled. At the class, I noticed Noah&Anna! Will they eat noodles for lunch? Who knows? I also listened to some jazz, which Uncle Donkey and/or any other uncle except the 2nd one would comment about it. I wonder what else I should talk about? I think that i'll put a paragraph separation here.











When I can start talking in a really long cardboard run-on sentence like this with everything connected with and and all of the ands will be ands and more ands and more ands and more ands will be added and I will write and and the ands will continue and... I wonder if I should put a menu here of the stuff that I will cook if you really want them. Here it is!
lemon doughnuts
lemon curry
lemon burger
lemon hot dog with whatever I could find laying about on it
lemon cake
lemon pie
lemon casserole
lemon-stuffed squash
fried lemons
baked lemon
boiled lemon
roasted lemon
burnt lemon
raw lemon
cured lemon
salted lemon
peppered lemon
corned lemon
lemon flambé
stuffed lemon
lemon pancake
lemon flapjack
lemon juice
mouthed pain reliever, for pain caused by too much sour stuff
all of the above, but with potatoes instead of lemons
And that's the menu of stuff that I'll cook for you... After being cooked, it will be shipped 3-class package and probably be slightly old and squashed by the time it comes. You can also come and pick it up and an address that has been covered by white lemon juice stains:                      . You can also send in -20 proof of purchase seals to receive absolutely nothing, which is just as well 'cause I had no intention of sending you 20 proof of purchase seals or walruses. I'll go swimming tomorrow!  Noah&Anna will be mentioned more, and maybe Uncle Donkey/Uncle Elvis, too!


  1. What's the matter, are you expecting a sudden epidemic of scurvy or something?

  2. No, I'm expecting a sudden epidemic of Noah&Anna, who really like limes!

  3. But your recipes are all lemons, not limes.

  4. They probaly won't eat any... So I can serve them to O'l Mom, who won't eat them ether. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZROQUZLPTXVNIUBSNGUREANBUBSFAIRTRAIDCHOCLATESNOIUSBVGPSFUABGD

  5. Right. Now, if it were CHOCOLATE...although I'm not sure that even I would go for Chocolate Curry....

  6. Wow, mijo. You're really on a roll these days.

    Next time I'm out your way, I'm going to insist that you make me lemon flambé. I mean, where else am I going to get it?

    Can't wait to see if I'll get mentioned. Maybe I'll even get a huzzah!

    Oh, and what jazz were you listening to?

    Finally, what are you making Mama Vieja for her birthday? Corned chocolate?

  7. Oh, by the way, mijo: Was that a deliberate Monty Python reference you snuck in there, or was it just a matter of similar minds thinking along similar lines? If you don't know what I'm talking about, have a look at this—I think you'll like it: