Thursday, October 6, 2011

An exciting day

Today I got up really early and made a bed with O'l Mom for our guest; after that, I had breakfast and did a birthday card fore someone. I then left for ocean studies co-op, where I had a lot of fun. I did a lot of thinking of ideas and listening to other ideas and eating cake, which was served. After all of that, I did some stomping on a sump pump, and then left. I invited Dr. Noodle Soup and Matt to my house, and they all went there! We had lunch at my house, and then did some milling about until O'l Mom made us go to our classes. I went to art class, Dr. Noodle Soup went to tuba-playing class, and Matt went to economics class. At my class, I had too much fun, and made a neat surrealistic piece of art that was pretty good! Once the class was over, O'l Mom told me to get back home, and I rode with her back home in our vehicle. Dr. Noodle Soup had gotten there already, and we played about for a long time. After that, O'l Mom gave him a ride home(she was flying constantly all over the place, and left us in our own hands at home a lot, and was flying all over the place for most of the day) After that, she got back, and Mr. Chuck arrived! GASP! Unexpected plot developments! As soon as he arrived, he went directly to bed. After dinner and supper, I milled about until bed-time. Huzzah for Dr. Noodle Soup, Matt, Mr. Chuck and any other guest that I will be having over, which soon might be Noah&Anna! Stay Tuned! 


  1. Dr. Noodle Soup plays tuba? Magnificent!

    Who's Mr. Chuck? And when do we find out what happened in China under Puyi?

    And what about those sauteed Shitake mushrooms with broccoli and onions, anyway? I've been thinking about them ever since you mentioned them. Yummm.

  2. It's great that you appreciate the people in your life, and let them know it in a public way.

  3. Indeed, he does! Mr. Chuck is a guest who visits very often! You might find out what happened in China next month... Or the month before... Or the month after that... Though, I will be posting something about the mushrooms with broccoli and onions!

    Thank you! I quite like to appreciate people publicly.

  4. We are studying 1910-1920 for the month of October, so the next chapter in his history saga may not be ready until the end of the month.

    Mr. Chuck is Chesley's Blackfoot teacher.

    And I'm not sure about the tuba business....