Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run-on sentance

Today I got up really early and spent half the day digging and the other half milling about and to start I got up early and dug some more, then milled about then dug some more then milled about then discovered large deposits of clay and immedately mined them out and now have large piles of clay selling cheap for sale and if you would like to buy some, call me to say so or e-mail me and say that you want one and my prices are 3$ for not much clay, 5$ for medium clay and 10$ for lots of clay and shipping is an extra 5$ and I only ship to locations in The Triangle, so anyway after that I mined some more and claimed the hole that I was digging my clay mine and then milled about until bed-time and I did a 10-line run-on sentance! 

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