Monday, October 3, 2011

An essay (written by I)


First off:
Crazy new inventions
Major ruining of the Chinese empire
More money for people
High Austrian tension
And that’s the most immediate things. I’ll talk about each of them in turn: ‘Twas a time of great and sudden turn and shift. Traditional viewpoints had been abandoned after 1849, and most monarchy was notably tuned-down. Many things happened, which concerned people much more that past events. Neat, eh? 
To start with, new and useful contraptions were popping up in well-developed areas over the world and being harvested and used like Shitaki mushrooms picked and sautéed with broccoli and onions, served hot with some tomato casserole with mashed potatoes on the side, with a nice bunt cake for dessert, frosted with chocolate and vanilla and coated with raspberries and... Oh, never mind. Anyway, some of the more famous of these things were stuff like aero-planes, Brownie Box Cameras, steel smelts, huge ocean liners, and lots of other stuff, etc, etc. These were very significant, as they were open to the public majority, allowing them to do lots of stuff... More of people became middle-class with these things to use. People were very excited about Aero-planes, you know... It meant that they could transport goods easily, efficiently, almost anywhere, and really fast, too! The credit goes to the Wright Bros. for inventing the Aero-Planes. 
None of the Chinese rulers were very happy about putting an end to their isolation. The Opium Wars were a major empire-spoiling event, and then peasants were getting all these weird religions into their head and causing uprisings! How uncouth! The empire was really starting to crumble away, and it didn’t help when the throne was inherited by Puyi in 1908. However, I won’t tell you what happened, as the outcome was in a time after 1910, which is just went I’m covering (1900-1910). 
With all sorts of new inventions and discoveries, people finally had a chance to actually get their insanely penniless mitts on some money. Once they did that, the middle class expanded greatly. This caused a large demand for affordable, practical stuff and such. The middle class were really good for moneymaking, as they brought cheap goods and services and could be hooked on trends and styles. The middle class grew, and so demand for a working, efficient economy reached the point where it was met, to most degree. Huzzah for the middle-class! 
And that’s most of the majorly significant changes. Exciting, isn’t it? With the world getting more and more organized, some things got slightly less awful, while awful things remained unchanged. You could tell that a major event would happen soon! Tension was hanging about at lots of steps! But what would happen? What would? WHAT WOULD???????


  1. Actually, the invention or the White Star Line, which happened between 1910 and 1911. It became rather unpopular after 1967, when it was not running.

  2. How much time elapsed between 1910 and 1911?

  3. Wow, what a unique summation of the first decade of the 20th century!

  4. Indeed. I had no idea history was so suspenseful!

  5. Wouldn't you love to read an entire history textbook written in this style? I think he could have the best-selling history textbook EVER!

  6. Thank you! Thank you! About 15-30 minuets elapsed between 1910 and 1911. Thank you! Thank you!

  7. I would ask about the minuets, but I've already used that joke on this blog (I think you missed it).

  8. That must have been some New Year's Eve party!

  9. Possibly so... If it was, it certainty should have large expectations!

  10. I think the Shitaki Mushroom may have been the most important discovery of the 20th Century, far more important than the splitting of the atom - at least, to us vegans it is. And what happened to that 'middle class?' It's like a ghost, something I've heard of but never seen.

  11. Exactly! Advances in cooking and food are very important! Much more important that focusing on insane quantum physics and glutrons and neutrinos and other insane stuff like that. A middle class are all the people that aren't really rich, but aren't peasants ether. They have enough money for some luxury, but not for total riches.