Monday, October 10, 2011


Today I got up early and did a lot of milling about. I then milled about some more and then had breakfast. After eating breakfast,  I then milled about even more and worked on math and grammar and spanish. After that, I milled about and had lunch. After eating lunch, I then cooked some lunch and then milled about. After that, I milled about until O'l Mom took me to my swimming lesson, where Noah&Anna showed up! After swimming and excelling at swimming that I was pretty good at already, and then swam quite a lot. After that, I went home, and so Noah&Anna decided to come by. After milling about and making sea slugs out of clay-related substance, they got told off by their O'l Mom, who then proceeded to make them go home with her. After that, I did a lot of thinking about stuff like jazz and limes and flambe and Uncle Donkey. Huzzahs for him! 5, to be exact. He'l find them at the footnote. Anyway, I wonder when Halloween will take place. If it isn't a religious holiday (which are at a certain date for entirely political reasons), then it must not have a fixed date. Even if it is on October 31, it still does not have a fixed date! YAWN I wonder when Dr. Noodle Soup will mail a candle made of whatever pixels he finds lying about. Who knows? Stay tuned for more random huzzahs being directed at people!



  1. Five huzzahs! I'm overwhelmed, and honored to join such fine company as Dr. Noodle Soup (of whose blog I'm also a fan), Noah & Anna, Ol' Mom, et al!

    I'm pretty sure Halloween is a religious holiday, or at least started out that way... More importantly, if you start letting all non-religious holidays change dates from year to year (as we do many of them), then some years we'll celebrate the fourth of July on the fifth of July, some years on the seventh of July, some years on the second... Can you imagine people having to ask, "So, what date does the fourth of July fall on this year?" Chaos! Madness! Calendar incoherence!

  2. Ha! If the such calenderial insanity spread to all recorded events, I could schedule milling about from 1:30 PM to 1:31 PM, I could mill about from 1:30 PM to 1:25 PM and insist that I put that on my calendar and everyone misreaded it!