Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A day of rude orders

Today, I got up early and then O'l Mom rudely told me to clean up my room some! How rude! After trying for some time, I went downstairs and had breakfast, brunch, and lunch. I then milled about until O'l Mom made me go to co-op! There, I did my classes and listened to an art instructor talk about shading in drawing class. After that, I did some neat card tricks, and O'l Mom made me go grocery shopping with her! After that, I went home and had dinner and supper. I then milled about until bed-time. Fun things will be happening tomorrow! Tune in for them!


  1. You left out that the teacher talked so much about shading potatoes that you had such a potato craving that we had to fix potatoes for dinner.

  2. Exactly! Huzzah for potatoes and apples and tumeric!