Saturday, September 17, 2011

Topic linking required

Today was mostly good, though I didn't enjoy %25=1/4 of it. O'l Mom made me clean up my messy room! TERROR! After not enjoying it, I found some motivation lurking under the mattress amongst all the random little bits and bytes under the mattress, and used it up. After that, I played and milled about until bed-time. I had 2! Desserts and made a bundit-posessed razz berry, with 7r-6+7(<9999)≈50 blueberries on it. After that, I went to bed. I wonder when the next time I'll be seeing Dr. Noodle Soup! In 0.16 X 25 days! I wonder if O'l Mom has any wax, or notch-making devices. I might make a candle clock, if the time is right. If you think you should fancy making loud noises, immediately go to the large cathedral between the Cary Library and Blue Moon, and ring the fantasy-ly large bell. You might make some pocket-money out of it! Don't let the vicar catch you, or you'l be tolled off. If you could, or would, or should, I might receive a package sent by a fan of mine. I hope that I might have a fan in the next few years or so. Speaking of uproariously amusing things like shampoo bottles and road maps, I wonder if strange and big and large and neat and interesting things showed up in the index catalog in the library of the mansion down the lane of nothing to anywhere. It might store some neat things! When will they be critiqued? Find out next by/near/on the premises of the cooking record! I have everything else top say, and won't. Stay tuned!


  1. I love the opening of this post, and TERROR is right...about what was uncovered beneath your bed!