Friday, September 16, 2011

A neat day with Dr. Noodle Soup

Today I did a lot of playing about. In the early morning, Dr. Noodle Soup came to my house, and in the night before, the temperature suddenly dropped to 9 degrees! After he came over, I showed him my new item that came in the mail, and we used it a lot.  After that, O'l Mom made us do some quizzes and write letters to governments. After that, Dr. Noodle Soup and I went outside and had snowball fights, built snow forts for our snowball fights, ran around, and begged Dad to make a twig bond-fire for us, which he did. On it, we heated some water to use for tea! Soon after, I got out a sled and Dr. Noodle Soup did a lot of sledding with it, while I made forts and threw snowballs at him. After that, we got too cold and decided to go in, where O'l Mom made us some soup. We then went back to the new mail item, and played games and did various things until night-time, when his mom came to pick him up and take him back home. Quite fun! I shall hope I see him again soon!


  1. I did not ride on a sled, and it wasn't that cold. It was cold, but it wasn't 9 degrees! Good story though I guess.

  2. I did have a very good time with you though. Look forward to seeing you at that PLAN - wink, wink...