Wednesday, September 28, 2011


See if you can count how many comma splices are in this blog! Today I got up early and O'l Mom was feeling very nice, so was I! After getting up, I saw the situation and summoned breakfast with ACCIO and it came! I ate it very fast, it was good, I then got in the car and O'l Mom drove me to co-op where I had much fun! I there did a class about earthquakes and talked about 'em a lot, I did a drawing class where I got a large sketchbook and I did a lot of carefully drawing given objects and focusing on negative space. After that O'l Mom made me go home by flu powder, and I arrived: She then served dinner, it was very good. After that, I milled about until bed-time! Did you spot all 5 of the comma splices? If you see less, try focusing harder! Remember: Gerunds sometimes end with -ing, so be aware of that and keep this little bit of unsolicited advice about your upturned tea-cover.


  1. I didn't see any coma splices, I'll check again. (wink, wink)

    Actually, I see all 5 - very funny. Do you see mine?

  2. Neat! Thank you very much for looking! I see your 2 comma splices. Very indispensable, if you know what I mean, I'll be hoping for your recovery. {IRONY NOISE}

  3. Coma splices? Is that when you lose consciousness, three years pass, and you wake up thinking it's just the moment after you were last aware?