Friday, September 30, 2011

A fun Friday

Today was certainty a very fun day! I started by getting up early, and O'l Mom told me to get us 'cause Dr. Noodle Soup was staying by for most of the day! I quickly got up and had breakfast, and then got interrupted by Dr. Noodle Soup showing up! After that, I finished my breakfast while playing with him. After that, we played in various manners until O'l Mom made us come and do some work. We did some brainstorming for ideas that she asked for, but not any actual work. After all of that, we went outside some and rad about. We then came inside and had lunch, and then built things afterwards. After that, we played about for many hours and went outside to get Dad to make a fire for us, which he did, and we cooked and drank some tea with it. After that, we went inside just before a storm suddenly hit. The wind howled and blew really fast, and the rain came downpouring on us with force and lots of noise, and the thunder and lightening flashed about the sky, making noises that could be heard over 8.04672 kilometers away! We stayed inside being all nice and cosy and warm and listening to the storm rage outside on the roof. After a while, Dr. Noodle Soup's O'l Mom came over with his sister and was going to make him come with her home, but she and O'l Mom got engaged in conversation and talked a lot. They then worked out leaving Dr. Noodle Soup at our house for Final Friday, and she could come and pick him up later, which worked out fine with me and probably a lot more Me-es and Dr. Noodle Soups, anyway. After that, she left, and Dr. Noodle Soup and I stayed home with O'l Mom! Later, we went to Final Friday; the weather had gotten worse, so we took the storm-proof pod and went about to various art galleries. After doing that, we went home, and Dr. Noodle Soup had to go home when hiss  O'l Mom showed up, so he did. I then went to bed. The entire process took 16 hours. 

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