Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A meaningfully pointless post

Today I'm feeling very quite well. O'l Mom got up early really really early in the morning so that she could go to the optometrist, and I came to wait in the waiting-room. After that, O'l Mom decided that she fancied some new glasses, so we went shopping and she spent 40 minuets picking out a suitable pair. After a lot of that, We then went shopping and then came home, where I felt very fine and excellent. I then stayed at home until bed-time. 


  1. Sigh... It is, what with him being, you know, feeling well, you know... Sigh... Very... adoringly superior...

  2. Err... How odd... I assume that you are talking about the optometrist.

  3. 40 minuets? She must've been tired after all that dancing!