Monday, September 12, 2011

An impressive post

Today I did a lot of doing not much and milling about. In the morning, I did a lot of recording mathematical and scientific things like water-resistance, water pressure, density, buoyancy, why boats float, watermelons, gravity, weight, and things like that. After that, I went home and had lunch. Immediately after having lunch, I then went to swimming lessons and swam a lot. After doing a lot of swimming with Noah&Anna, I then went home and ordered a package. Thank you to Dad! After that, I milled about until dinner, and then I milled about until supper, and then I milled about until dessert, and then I milled about until bed-time. Huzzah for Noah&Anna!


  1. There were a few other things going on besides all that milling...

    But you did a great job with the science, and also the performance, of swimming that day.

  2. I mill about quite often myself.