Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A slow day and a warning

Today, I got up really very insatiably early and went out to very very very early breakfast with Dad. It was quite nice. After that, I went back home and fell asleep due to earlyness. After that, I woke up and ate lunch, and then went out with Dad to a store to get something. Shockingly, they were out of stock! GASP! HOW UNEXPECTED! Anyway, after that, I came home and relaxed some while O'l Mom did a lot of work. She then ran out to do a bunch of errands, and I ordered the thing that I was going to buy but couldn't online. I then mostly relaxed for the rest of the day. How boring for readers but pleasant for me. If you want exciting happenings going on in my life, then you should look at my blog posts from Thursday to Sunday. They'll make up for the lack of unpleasantness in my life! Maybe I should blog about other things than my days...  Anyway, stay tuned!

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