Friday, June 29, 2012


▋◎✰☁✸, ✾ ⌬⍉⌿⌹   ⏂⏍   ⍢⍟⍊⍆⍆⌽ ⌲⌷⌰⍄⍆  ⌰⍉⍄   ⌳⍍⍍⍌ ⌷  ⍜⍣⍾   ⎍⍿⎲⎳. A⎖teR That, I loafed for a tiny bit, and then did some book reviews. They took quite a while. After that, I went to do some very confidential things, and then was about to go to a mock newberry book club, but I found out when I got there that it was postponed due to too many flying sharks had eaten the table, and the air conditioning tad been set on heat accidentally and permanently, so instead of the usual 132 C, it was 8,261.0 C. I then talked to Robert for a while, and then went to home, but stopped off at a local art gallery to look at some art and eat some food. I then went home and relaxed slightly before eating dinner. After that, I played and loafed until bed-time. More hyperbole next post!