Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today, I gøt up early and loafed about for a very short time, and then went off to somewhere to do something. I then went back to home and played some while unvigilantly watching the cat. That went on for quite a while. Suddenly, the power went out! It was impossible to see anything! Apparently the sun went out, too. I ran around for a bit and then lit some candles so that I could see well enough to see that the problem was caused by a hurricane and also a ton of thunderstorms and lightningstorms. After it finished ruining the generator, it exploded the house via air pressure! I ran off to a concert in haste, and it was quite nice, involving a huge, gigantic symphony. After the long but good concert, I went home, and by then it had already rebuilt itself and the power and the sun were back on. Soon, though, the sun went off to some other hemisphere and I played and loafed until bed-time. 

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