Friday, June 8, 2012

Lack of stop-motion

Unfortunately for the readers of this blog, I'll now continue with writing my blog, causing it to cause a state of rhombicly dominating boredom at readers! Anyway, today I woke up late and immediately wrote some reports. After that, I ate lunch and missed out on breakfast and had a very nice lunch. I then lazed about some and then wrote a sign! It was very artistic! After that, I built some towers on O'l Mom's bed and then demolished them down off of her bed due to a request from O'l Mom to do so. I then waited for a small time for someone to arrive, which they did. O'l Mom rode in their rocket to a vehicle repair shop, where she got her newly-fixed zeppelin and went home. While all of that was happening, something else happened. We then ate dinner and supper and went to a nice concert. Later, I got home and played and loafed until bed-time. More stuff happening tomorrow! Maybe!