Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Today, I got up early and went for a walk very early in the morning! After that, I walked home and then I lazed around and played some games, as well as thinking about stuff a lot. Soon, O'l Mom told me to go and CLEAN MY ROOM SOME! HOW IMPOSSIBLE! WHAT AN IMPOSSIBLE SYSOPHIAN JORB! Anyway, I picked up some of the huge mountainous temples of books and toted them across the chaotic, messy, scary, and dangerous ruins of Junkville, apparently an armageddon target, and transported them across the morbidly silent dessert of old clothes, weaved in between the rickety arches and teetering pillars of broken toy city, which slices the unthinkable wounds of the ceiling sky with its towering skyslachers of unused playing instruments, and dumped the tremendously clunky cargo of books into the dark cruel radioactive maze of Bookshelf Dungeon for a while. After that awful effort, I then ate lunch and enjoyed a well-earned loafing around. Soon, I went with O'l Mom to the computer store in order to have some of our broken computers fixed, and waited around for hours until they were repaired. After that, I went home and ate dinner, then lazed off until bed-time.