Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Relocation spells trouble for posts

Today, I got up early-ish and loafed around before eating breakfast. After that, I did some more testing and got it finished! That took a very long time, so I had lunch once I finished with that, and then went with O'l Mom to escort Dad to an eye place for some eye repairs. After that, I went to the museum of art with O'l Mom. After that, I went to a bookshop looking for something, which I found there. After that, I went back with O'l Mom to get Dad, who got some less blurry optics, and then went home shorty before going out again for dinner with Dr. Noodle Soup! Unfortunately, you won't be hearing about him very much anymore, cause he is moving to Wobblesog Village, a small town in Europa for financial and economic reasons. You'll still hear some about him, but not very much. Anyway, after having dinner, I went home and snoozed early because I stayed up really, really late last night. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. More news tomorrow!