Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yet another day. This one was a busier Sunday than usual. In the morning, I woke up early and ate some delicious cinnamon rolls that O'l Mom cooked for me! They were very nice! Anyway, after that, I left for Journeys. Once I got there, I lazed off and then had to listen to the service. Journeys decided to dissolve due to economic trouble, and left the members gnab all of the stuff that they wanted for free. I first gnabbed some balloons, some rubber bands, a bunch of pens, and a sponge. I then gnabbed all of my art that I had put there for decoration and all of the art done by one of my friends that was there for decoration, as well as some chocolate and 3 cushions. After that, O'l Mom and I went out for lunch. We had some good soups and some breads and dessert as well. After that, we headed back to get some more stuff. Once there, we got a clock, more pens and pencils, the rest of my art that I forgot to get, and a bunch of extra boxes of who knows what. By the time we started heading home, 84% of the room on our small vehicle was so stuffed full of junk that it was practically the equivalent of filling it in with lava  and blasting said lava with neurofreezant, causing stone. It also got just as heavy. Anyway, after that we went home and then went out for dinner and then went back home and more stuff tomorrow.

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