Monday, September 24, 2012

Infinite cobblestone!

Another great day! Today, I got up early and immediately started working on some math. Once I finished, I talked to Dad outside 'cause today was such an amazing day. After that, I searched for a quote that pinpoints an eternal struggle in a famous novel because O'l Mom wanted me to. Once that was finished, I ate a nice lunch of delicious soup. Soon, Dr. Noodle soup called from Wobblesog Village on Europa. We did a lot of talking and set up a playing from a server. I had a lot fun talking to him over very long distance while on the same server and setting up cobblestone generators together. After that, he eventually had to go, and O'l Mom and I took a walk. It was very, very nice. The weather was sunny with no clouds, but it had that brisk chill and a feeling of autumn in the air. I had a great walk! Anyway, after that, I went home and worked more and then went out to eat. After that, I worked some more and did some other stuff and then went to bed. More tomorrow!

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