Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another long post

Sorry for not blogging for some thyme. Some severe and long-lasting technology trouble is frequently interfering with my blog's updateability. Anyway, today O'l Mom wasn't feeling very well, so I woke up late and ate some breakfast. After that, I went for a walk, but it suddenly rained on me and I almost got wet! I navigated my way back home by digging into my mines and traversing my system of catacombs that I dug and getting home. I then stayed home until the rain stopped raining. After that, Dad cooked a lunch over a fire that he set up and I ate some of it! The lunch, that is, not the fire. As much as I like fire and lava and magma, I doubt that fire tastes very good. Anyway, I then did some work and dug my mine out some more. It's a very nice mine, with caves and catacombs and tunnels and caverns and stalactites and stalagmites and bridges over lakes of magma and gems and rocks and a total lack of psychotic computer mainframes and underground lakes and crystals and salt and coal and stones and mineral and the everything. I might draw a picture of it and put it on my blog if I can ever et that working. Anyway, I delayed and played some games with O'l Mom and then cooked dinner for myself.  I later ate supper and ran around for a bit, but then I lazed until bed-thyme. 

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