Friday, September 21, 2012


Another day. Today I got up very early and ate breakfast with Dad. It was a very nice breakfast, and I ended up eating more than I was expecting. After that, I went home and started working on some work. O'l Mom is so excellent! Anyway, after I did enough work, I ate a delicious lunch and soon left for a history class of mine. This one turned out more like an astronomy class. But after that, it will get to be a biology class before becoming a classifiable history class. Anyway, I had a lot of fun at my class. After that, it was thyme for Mock Newberry withought bothering to eat any more lunch! How awful! After the meeting, O'l Mom took me shopping with her and roamed about getting who knows what for a long time before we went home. At home, I ate dinner and then delayed some. I then played or called Dr. Soup for the rest of the evening. Too bad he doesn't have any kind of telegraph or phone or letterbox or anything like that. Anyway, more tomorrow!

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