Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today I got up early and went to Journeys early in the morning. After it, I went home and took a long walk. Later, I ate dinner and then worked on a video for a game-making project that I'm involved with. It took way too long and it was bed-time by the time that I was finished with it! I didn't get any more loitering or playing after it! Wahh! A complaint! O'l Mom makes me and her try Free Screen Week, started today. It's when you give someone your electronic screens free of charge, and they give it back to you a week later. O'l Mom has also decided to not let me eat her eggplants that should be eaten. Another complaint! WahahaW! Stay tuned for more in-depth stuff about stuff that I do when not playing, snoozing, munching, loafing, or staying around and not doing anything, starting now!