Friday, October 12, 2012

Stupid scanner!

More art! O'l Mom thought that I should of uploaded this, so I did. It's far from my best, but it's acceptable. I have much better ones, but here's this one. 

Unfortunately, the stupid, awful, annoying, terrible, useless, irritating STINKING AWFUL STUPID scanner split it into different parts, so I can only give you the better drawing from it, but these are totally useless by themselves and the STUPID STUPID STUPID scanner ruined it. Hopefully better stuff next time!


  1. To the Madisonian Man--

    This week's art, scanner notwithstanding, has been fabuloso--Imaginative,novel, breath-taking. creative,awesome. You saved me from having to travel downtown to the galleries for an artistic fix! Keep up the good work!

    --Cool Papa

  2. Don't blame the scanner. This is a case of operator error.

    1. You're probably right, but don't tell me not to blame the scanner in this post because I ALREADY DID! But you're probably right.

    2. Then you should apologize to the scanner.

    3. Too late, I already used it again and it worked this time, so I'll never be able to talk to it again.