Friday, July 13, 2012

A very fun day

Today, I got up early and almost ate breakfast. Suddenly, Dr. Soup called! Apparently, his wagon imploded when he was trying to ride it, so he needed to stay somewhere while it fixed itself. O'l Mom went over to give him a ride. He headed over to my house and we played some and dug some more in my clay mines. We then ate lunch and continued to dig and dug. After that, we ate floats and loafed some before digging even more. Soon, I went to newberry club. It was rather, nice, but afterwards, Robert and Dr. Soup and I loafed and talked about my novel that is a novel that I wrote. I don't recommended reading it. Anyway, we did that until the library closed. O'l Mom and I and Dr. Soup then went out to a concerts! It was very exquisite. Anyway, after that, he had to go home and I went to bed 'cause it was very way past my bed-tyme!

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