Thursday, December 6, 2012

Essay botchings premium 4000

Here's yet another blog. Nothing exciting. Today, I was working on an essay about Steve Wheeler, but used emotion and colorful writing in the writing when it was supposed to be an academic (mechanical) essay, and therefore messed up a part of the essay. I even got the wrong picture. Here's some paragraphs that I botched from my essay that I finished:

The art of Steve Wheeler is often attributed, or possibly misattributed, to Abstract Expressionism with its tight, cluttered frantic geometric jagged shapes tiling the backgrounds of the art like shattered fragments of a glass mosaic smashed through by the force of a Minotaur rigged up to a jet engine taped to some fireworks drenched in petroleum. My point is that he often used a pattern of mosaic misshapen triangles and squares and other pointy polygons for many uses, which was though to be inspired by Southwestern Navajo art. He was loosely involved in the Indian Space Painters, a group of New York painters who were attracted to Native American form and art. A few other artists in the group were Peter Busa, Robert Barrell, and Helen DeMott. 

It could be hard to spot Wheeler’s influences to the unskilled layman’s eyes, but instant references to specific artists and styles are often detected by the well-esteemed art buff of modern society. The southwestern and northwestern Native American arts payed a huge role in half his art. I think that the other half is more cubistic, as seen in Laughing Boy
As you can see, I messed them up a little, when considering that it was supposed to be an academic (mechanical) essay. I put it on the blog anyway, though. More on the next post! And also, since no-one figured it out, the richest mexicans are called the Juan percent. Stay tuned unless you don't like slightly boring blogs!