Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sorry for the short post, It's extremely late and there are some large, vicious, fiery bothers which must be taken care of shortly. For now, just ponder this: Impressed is completely unrelated to pressed, which you would think were opposites. The opposite of impressed is disappointed, which is totally unrelated to appointed. In fact, being the linguistically opposites of unrelated words is possibly the only thing that the pair of impress and disappoint have in common. English is the most popular and fastest growing language, despite the fact that it has the most bizarre, befuddled and almost pranklike vocabulary and list of terms. To help you comprehend this, here are some nice jewels:
<> <> <>
/        \
\        /
  \    /
<> <> <>
Got tofis[bh0s r[ OW! Anyway, I got trfeoihbv poera guj go now before any more trouble happens. Morreuasuh9w more later!