Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nautical unconventonality

Sorry for the last post of two pictures that claimed that they were one. I was in a hurry, what with all the flooding and practicing swimming and sharks and manatees that came up to bother me while I was practicing swimming and also not doing anything to prevent flood and sinking. Today, I got some new snorkeling&diving & swimming gear! I also went to see an art exhibition but couldn't find my art that I did. Since I've been thinking about the sea and swimming and various marine life, here's a ton of water-related pictures.

No need to ever mop the deck again!

Entertainment and transportation! It only plays water-related games, though.*

Reliable taxi service! Expensive, though.

Healthy, tasty, and convenient!

This kind of thing has been on my blog before somewhere...

An old classic!

Conceptually a useless waste of time and resources. Inexplicably successful in practice.

Just when you thought underwater computers would make checking my blog become easier...

And, if you get the octopussy off your computer, you have to deal with reality-creating e-mail spamming! ...  Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, LOVELY SPAM, WONDERFUL SPAM, LOVELY SPAM, WONDERFUL SPAM, L-  Oh, fine. I'll stop.

Cheaper, but more prone to bad controls and going to the wrong location.

Breakfast was always awkward at Cojiro's apartment.

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